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1st April 2018
New Merch

Good news all. As band merch has branched out to more and more areas, we'd like to bring you the most cutting edge merch that you can buy. You won't find merch like this anywhere else.

Introducing...Esuna bananas. Buy them over on our Bandcamp page. Thank you.


- Kieran

25th January 2018
Independent Venue Week

We're going back to the 'hw to play Independent Venue Week!


- Josh

11th January 2018
RIP Samoans

Me (Jos) and Kieran met for the first time at a Samoans gig in Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff 10 years ago. To say that band had no part in pushing this band to exist would be wrong. Big influence on us a band through the years and if you cant hear that you're deaf. Grab your tickets for the Cardiff show as we'll be in the crowd with you!

RIP Samoans. Cardiff music scene legends.

Samoans - The Final Shows

- Jos

5th January 2018
Free For All

Bristol peeps. We have planned a free musical event at the establishment The Mothers' Ruin that ourselves (hereinafter referred to as Party A), Phoxjaw (hereinafter referred to as Party B) and Ogives (hereinafter referred to as Party C) will be performing for the general public.

That's a lot of parties.

Free For All

- Kieran

28th December 2017
Rad Releases '17

Hope you all had a Merry Ho Ho-mas. Circuit Sweet have kindly asked us again to do another Rad Releases.

Rad Releases

- Kieran

3rd November 2017
Danger First

Our new single, Danger First, is out today. Pay-what-you-want! Head on over to our Bandcamp to download it now. There's also a B-side waiting for you in the shadowy waters...

Danger First

- Kieran

12th August 2017
Something Is Coming

Yes, something is coming.

- Kieran