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11th October 2018

Awful unexpected news.

I remember seeing Cleft for the first time at the first Juxtaposed Microfest. We had just nervously opened the show and then went to check Cleft out, who just left us in absolute awe. We later asked Dan to master our single and last EP and we think he did a great job. An incredibly talented guitarist and down-to-earth person.


- Kieran

14th September 2018
Worcester '18

Hello to all you lovelies. We'll be playing the Worcester Music Festival TOMORROW and entry is FREE!

Keywords to live by. We will see you there.

Worcester Music Fest '18

- Kieran

3rd July 2018
Alt Dialogue Compilation

Thanks to the people of Alt Dialogue for featuring Danger First on their new compilation. 69 tracks. 3 parts. £5 each. With all proceeds going to #MentalHealthUK.

- Kieran

14th June 2018
Axes / Last Hyena / Esuna

Awrite boy-o? Just heading over the bridge, see. Gonna be playing a few tunes in The Mothers Ruin tonight from 7:30. With bloody good bands, Axes and Last Hyena. Only 100 bob (£5) on the door. Here's the event link. Tidy like.

Axes / Last Hyena / Esuna

- Kieran

23rd May 2018
Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest

Hello patrons of music. We'll be playing the Free Welcome Party in The Moon this Friday 25th May at 9.30pm with a selection of ripe new tunes hand-picked from the freshest riff trees.

Get yourself some juice.

Cardiff Psych & Noise Fest 2018

- Kieran

1st April 2018
New Merch

Good news all. As band merch has branched out to more and more areas, we'd like to bring you the most cutting edge merch that you can buy. You won't find merch like this anywhere else.

Introducing...Esuna bananas. Buy them over on our Bandcamp page. Thank you.


- Kieran

25th January 2018
Independent Venue Week

We're going back to the 'hw to play Independent Venue Week!


- Josh